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For coaches and medical providers who are bold leaders of sexual wellness.


A note from me:

As a pelvic floor therapist, I was frustrated helping clients with their most intimate concerns without the tools to confidently hold brave space in sexuality and sell in a taboo area. 

This program is everything that I wish existed when I started to do this work. The connections created over six months together, the content, the guests, it is a masterpiece created with love. 

If you are a beret-wearing leader of sexual wellness and know that helping people in this way will bring you tremendous joy, I can't wait to have you join us. 

For a pleasurable world, 

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6 Months Together:

  • Spark healing by dissolving shame and sex-negative conditioning 
  • Specialize in sexuality so that you can facilitate inclusive, expansive, and liberating worldviews
  • Sell your own unique body of work and perspective with profit and social justice practices 
  • Sustain a pleasurable business with peer support, case consultations and individualized feedback 

Become the confident sexual wellness leader

 Main Topics Covered:

Talk About Sex

Know what to say and how to say it. Dissolve shame and sex-negative conditioning so you can facilitate inclusive, expansive, and vulnerable spaces. 

Trauma-Informed Kink

Joyful touch beyond insertion? Understand the neuroscience of trauma-informed care in the intersection of a framework from kink.


Provide a framework for clients that shapes sexual experiences worth craving. Understand pleasure,  decentering genitals, inclusive language, and tools when working with clients.  

Wonder Down Under

Provide radical unshaming of bodies. In this section, we destigmatize sexual health from many angles, from painful anal sex to how to help clients destigmatize STIs. We uncover genital and pelvic health in inclusive and unique ways. 

Desire and Intimacy

Design relationships that provide fulfilling intimacy. In this section, we discuss the politics of desirability, the science of jealousy, the many types of relationships and intimacy, and the science of how to cultivate love over time. 

Leading and Sales

Selling in taboo spaces is different and requires marketing techniques that are both profitable with social justice practices in mind. From copywriting to marketing you will have step-by-step business support to create or grow your current wonderful business. 

Uncover your ability to

  • Confidently discuss sexuality with your clients
  • Radically unshame bodies and sexuality
  • Create more love in the world
  • Selling in taboo spaces is different. Know how to sell these skills with intimate feedback on your business 

* PLUS *

Amazing BONUSES to ensure you have all the resources for you and your clients


Unique worksheets and workbooks that you can use with your clients. This program is full of Canva templates and tools for you to save time creating material for your clients. 


Want a full toolbox to reference with your clients? This toolbox is expansive from pelvic health techniques, meditations, playlists, emotional regulation tools, and somatic healing activities. 

Lively connection 

It is never about information. It is about the transformation and integration into your work. That is why you will have ample live time to practice, ask questions and simply show up for yourself so that you are supported towards your goals. This also includes a small group messenger, individualized feedback throughout the program, and an intimate connection that is unmatched. 

Extensive Library 

Is squirting real? What about having a first orgasm? If I didn't cover something in our main material, you will likely be able to find it in the extensive sexual wellness library added as bonus material on day one of the programs. 

See what past members are saying...

And here are some of the amazing guests featured in this program...

Professor Ashley Weller, M.S Health Psychology 

Teaches module on intimacy and Gottman techniques 

Ashley is a professor of human sexuality, gender and sexual orientation, and health psychology.

She also hosts a sexual health and wellness podcast called “What’s Your Position”. Ashley is a lover of inclusion, a spreader of joy and positivity, and fascinated by human beings. She loves to educate people about the world of sex, sexuality, mental health, relationships, body image, and pleasure.

Dr. Evaline Dacker MD

Teaches module on STI/STD Stars Conversation

Dr. Evelin Dacker, MD is a Mexican-American,  sex-positive Integrative Family Medicine physician. She is active in teaching sexual health and normalizing conversations around pleasure, needs and boundaries. Dr Dacker maintains an active Family Medicine practice working with people through illness, trauma, and life transitions, She incorporates a multidisciplinary approach with principles of gratitude and pleasure to support her patients in creating their own wellness.  She specializes in sexual health as whole person health and works to destigmatize sexually transmitted infections. Dr. Dacker is certified in Functional Medicine and Integrative Health. 

In addition to practicing medicine, Dr. Dacker created the safer sex communication model The STARS Talk to help facilitate open and honest sex conversations. She is a community leader, a consent and sex educator, sexual health activist and TEDx speaker.

Dr. Lance Frank DPT, PT

Teaches module on anal dyspareunia and penis Topics 

Dr. Lance Frank is a physical therapist that specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction in all gender identities. Shortly after graduating from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Lance opened his own practice, Flex PT ATL, in Midtown - the gayborhood of Atlanta. Dr. Lance is one a small group of penis-having therapists that treat pelvic floor disorders, and one of an even smaller group of queer practitioners that work in pelvic health. Being in the LGBTQIA+ community himself, Dr. Lance understands the awkwardness that queer people can feel in doctors offices discussing vulnerable issues surrounding their genitals. He also understands the toxic masculinity culture that makes it difficult for those with penises to discuss pelvic health concerns and sexual dysfunction as well.

In his clinic, Dr. Lance sees cisgender and transgender men and women with pelvic floor dysfunction; however, most of his caseload consists of people with penises. These patients have a wide range of issues involving the pelvic floor like urinary and bowel dysfunction, sexual health concerns, and pelvic pain. Dr. Lance is also active on social media where he spends time educating the masses about sexual health and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Ruby Jo Walker LCSW, CHT, SEP

Teaches module on polyvagal theory 

With over 30 years of experience in the trauma field, Ruby Jo Walker, LCSW, CHT, SEP, is an expert trainer in the field of the neurobiology of trauma and resilience.  She has specialized in trauma her whole career  She has done several hundred presentations throughout Colorado and the Navajo Nation (Utah, New Mexico and Arizona).  She also regularly works with agencies on staff resilience. She is the founder of Post-Traumatic Growth Somatic Therapy, a 66-hour program based in the most cutting edge principles of neurobiology.  She has been following Steven Porges work on polyvagal theory for 17 years and using that to inform her work. 

She was a key member of the state task force that developed resources for healthcare workers during the pandemic.  In addition to providing direct psychotherapy to clients, her current work focuses on supporting other helping professionals to better assist their clients and patients in developing resiliency on all levels of life. She is also trained and certified in 3 somatic long-term training programs—Somatic Experiencing, Hakomi, and Organic Intelligence.

Sage Geen

Discusses spirituality and alternative relationship styles.

Sage is a relationship and intimacy expert who empowers individuals to build more genuine and mindful connections. With over a decade of experience in facilitating and teaching intimacy, sex, and relationship frameworks across the globe, Sage is an interdisciplinary guide who helps people explore and embrace the depths of their connections. As a certified human design analyst, Sage supports individuals, couples, and groups in shedding their conditioned beliefs about relationships and intimacy, so they can tap into meaningful connections built on authenticity. Sage also specializes in Japanese Rope Bondage, popularly known as Shibari, and utilizes this unique and expansive practice to foster "connection in rope" and inspire others to appreciate the beauty of trust, surrender, and conscious intimacy in their relationships. Sage is passionate about guiding individuals in rediscovering their authenticity and cultivating healthy, conscious, and fulfilling connections.

Christopher Russell, LMSW

Teaches emotional regulation tools. 

My name is Christopher Russell, LMSW (pronouns: they/them). In my spare time I enjoy mindful walking, spending time with my cat Roscoe, laughing with friends, appreciating the macabre, watching movies, and reading. In my professional life, I am an inpatient therapist working exclusively with individuals experiencing crises in Northeast Arkansas, and I’m also a sex therapist. My career has led me to working with an immensely talented and resilient population, including trauma survivors, individuals living with HIV, sexual- and gender-diverse clients, clients experiencing intrusive suicidal thoughts, those with sex-related concerns, and those struggling to overcome the psychosocial impact of psychosis.

Jamie Joy

Teaches decentering genitals. 

Jamie Joy is a colorful whirlwind of ideas and radiant optimism. They are a queer trans certified sex educator whose life and work is committed to spreading joy, pleasure, and consent through community organizing. Jamie Joy is the Education Coordinator for PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium in Philly, trained and certified through SFSI (San Francisco Sex Information), and has worked in various healthcare clinics providing STI/HIV testing and safer sex counseling. 

Lucie Fielding, PhD, MA, LMHC

Teaches boundaries and ethical curiosity

Lucie Fielding, PhD, MA, LMHC (she/they) is a queer, neurodivergent, trans-misogyny-affected (TMA) femme, and a therapist practicing in Virginia and Washington (on Monacan and unceded Duwamish land, respectively). In addition to being a therapist, Lucie is a sex educator and the author of Trans Sex: Clinical Approaches to Trans Sexualities and Erotic Embodiments (2021), which was named a 2022 Lambda Literary Award finalist (in the Transgender-Nonfiction category) and the winner of the 2022 AASECT Book Award (Book for Sexuality Professionals).

John Helmiere

Teaches spirituality and sexuality integration.

John is a sex-positive pastor, a subversive mystic, a spiritual director, a creative writer, and a community organizer. He holds degrees in religion from Dartmouth and Yale and is working on another degree in psychology. He founded Valley & Mountain, a radically inclusive, multiracial, progressive church, and co-founded The Collaboratory, a social change incubator and direct service hub. He is passionate about supporting people on their journeys towards authenticity, liberation, and especially spiritual and sexual integration.

Kristin Spooner, LICSW, CST

Teaches parenting and sexuality

Kristin Spooner, LICSW, CST, is a radical clinical social worker, an AASECT certified sex therapist, and a devoted doctoral candidate. She has specialized expertise in the treatment of problematic sexual behaviors, sexual offending, and minor-attracted treatment, as well as providing support for gender identity, the LGBTQ+ community, Kink & BDSM, and couple/relational issues. Kristin has a fervent passion for sex education, viewing it as a means to liberation and a powerful tool to equip children with the skills necessary for their own safety. Grounded in the principles of anti-racism and social justice, her work focuses keenly on combating stigmatization of marginalized groups.



Discusses pricing your services and social media

Kelly Diels is a feminist educator, writer, and coach. She specializes in feminist marketing for culture-makers. She's here to raise awareness about how the business-as-usual formulas we learn everywhere actually reproduce oppression. She develops and teaches alternate, feminist marketing tools to help us do it differently (and better).

Jessica Lee 

Teaches visibility

Jessica Lee is a Business and Visibility Coach who helps women entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives stand out on social media with consistent and authentic content and videos so their clients can find them and pay them, plus learn simple biz and sales strategies so they can grow to six figures.

Jessica Harvey PhD

Teaches Neotantra

Dr. Jessica Harvey, the Thinking Man’s Intimacy Coach, is an MIT-trained organic chemist and founder of Bliss Science. After a successful 10-year career as an academic researcher in chemistry & neuroscience, she broke free of lab life to pursue experiments in consciousness & sacred relating (a different kind of ‘chemistry,’ you might say). She now calls herself a ‘Tantric Scientist’.

Interabled Love Birds

Teaches disability and sexuality

Jessica Lee is a Business and Visibility Coach who helps women entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives stand out on social media with consistent and authentic content and videos so their clients can find them and pay them, plus learn simple biz and sales strategies so they can grow to six figures.

By the end of The Sexual Wellness Leader you will be:

  • Confident and informed on inclusive sexuality
  • Transform your own internalized ideas on sexuality and practice integrating the work into your life
  • Integrate sexual healing practices from experts around the world into the work that you do
  • Sell your ideas and lead a sustainable business with pleasure.

Here are some options for us to work together, organized into three tiers:


Select the tier that aligns with your unique needs and goals, and begin your journey toward personal and professional success.


Our next cohort begins in October 2023! You can hold your spot with an extended payment plan.

Celebrate: The Sexual Wellness Leader 6 Month Program

Celebrate a fantastic decision.

1. The entire 6-month live program and bonus library

2. 6 months of group calls that are all recorded if you cannot attend live

3. Group messenger for support with each other

4. Feedback on all assignments from Dr. Sara Sohn for the benefit of your business

5. BONUS-  Two 1:1 calls with Dr. Sara to check in and get the most out of the program 



Payment Plan Options Available


Elevate: Intimate 1:1 Access

Elevate your life and work. 

1. Everything above! This pricing also includes 1:1 time with Dr. Sara. 

2. Monthly meetings with Dr. Sara to elevate and originate your own body of work. 

3. A 1.5-hour deep dive into your work on a VIP Call 




Payment Plan Options Available


Originate: VIP Access and Travel

The VIP Access Program:

1. Everything above!

2. 2x monthly meetings with Dr. Sara to originate your own body of work for 6 months!

3. A full CEO day in a beautiful place! We will spend the entire day spoiling you and your business.  




Payment Plan Options Available


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By the end of The Sexual Wellness Leader, you will be

  • Confident and informed on inclusive sexuality
  • Transform your own internalized ideas on sexuality and practice integrating the work into your life
  • Integrate sexual healing practices from experts around the world into the work that you do
  • Sell your ideas and lead a sustainable business with pleasure.


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