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Hey there,

 I'm Dr. Sara Sohn, a pelvic floor Physical Therapist & Sex Counselor

Pleasure is our birthright. I offer a beautiful space for all individuals to learn how to feel better in their own skin and return to the activities they love without leakage or chronic pain. 

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 The work we did together helped me do physical things I hadn't been able to do in years. Not only did my physical health improve, but so did my mental health. Her time, attention, patience and enthusiasm were invaluable to my progress. Im grateful for her passion and expertise.

Dr. Bridget

I count myself blessed to work with Dr. Sara. She really takes the time to make me feel comfortable and I feel encouraged during every appointment. This is a hard area to talk about and to work on. She truly creates a safe space for vulnerability. She is also fun and makes it not weird to talk about your pelvic floor. This is something every woman needs and deserves. Do this for yourself!

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